Why I Started this blog?

Why I Started this blog?

Who am I?

Before starting with the "why" let me take a moment to introduce myself, My name is Shekhar Verma (yes, you guessed it right :laughing:).
I am an Electronics Engineer and I love to learn new things, create stuff and tinker with existing ones. I am currently Working as an Engineer
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Why I started this blog?

I used to see a lot of people on the internet creating content in all sort of forms, be it fancy high production Youtube video or an old school blog or even a twitter thread. Lots people are sharing their knowledge, experiences, skills and projects that they have made in their choice of content medium. I also wanted to try the same, but I was skeptical because of 2 main reasons.

  1. Why would anyone want to consume my content when there are a lot of people on the internet with much more technical expertise and experience than me.
  2. Lack of confidence :no_mouth:

My perspective changed a little after a series of small-small incidents but the major impact was due to a Podcast that I listened (You can check that out Here). The Podcast’s guest Sharan Hedge gave an analogy which stuck with me, and it goes like...

Suppose you are on a jungle safari with your friends and you lost them due to any unforeseen circumstances (Maybe you ran :runner: away after seeing a bear :bear:).What will be your first impulsive reaction? You will shout, Scream with all your breath & do all sort of things to grab anyone's attention so that you can be saved. You will do “n” number of things but one thing that you will never do is that you will not just sit around in the corner and "EXPECT" people to find you on their own.

The world also works in a similar way, you might be knowing a ton of things, have a lot of skills and Experience but if you cannot present it to the world, then you will have a relatively hard time gaining benefit from your skills and talent. It is the ultimate truth and it took me a lot of time to realise this. You simply cannot wait for the opportunities to come your way, you have to constantly work in such a way that you create your own opportunities. Creating content about your work and about yourself is a wonderful way to do that.

It brings Serendipity

For those who don’t know serendipity is nothing but "LUCK". Creating content on the internet gives you exposure to a very large audience who might be interested in what you are doing and in this process you connect with strangers who can be your future clients or customers or even business partners.

Each post is an advertisement for the kinds of people and opportunities you want to attract, and if you have a voice, you can build a platform.

Luck = [Doing Things] * [Telling People]

More things you do and more you tell about that, more lucky you get!!


Auditioning in Public

I heard this one by a famous youtuber (Bhuvan Bham) who makes comedy sketches on social media. He said every piece of content that he puts out is a audition in public. He explains that it is very hard to reach people who are at a certain level (for example famous directors, film producers, etc.) So, every time he puts out content it’s like a audition clip which will reach to those people through the power of social media and internet. This is not limited to acting but to almost every skill set.
For Ex - If you are a singer, you can upload song covers which may get viral and you eventually end up getting a gig or even an offer from a music company.
If you are a developer, you can create tutorials or write a blog which can reach out to a ton of people and someday you may get a job offer through it.

Giving back to the internet

We all have used internet to upskill ourselves in some way or to find solutions of our problems. Remember that bug in your code which led your project to a complete halt and a random guy from across the world on Stackoverflow helped to point out your silly mistake :sweat:. If you know something and if it can help even a single person on this planet then you should share that knowledge. You Learn more by sharing because you get instant feedback from the people that you share your knowledge with and it helps tremendously to see new dimensions, find your pitfalls and even get new Ideas. :bulb:

Personal Branding

In this age, whenever we see or hear about a thing that we haven't heard much before, what is the first thing that we do? We "GOOGLE it ":iphone: .If we are able to get some information on the first few search results about any Brand, Person or even a company we are convinced that this entity is somewhat legit. If People can find you on the internet and see your work they build a trust on you. It improves credibility and open a world of new opportunities for you. If you want to stand out from the rest you have to standout on the internet. :web:

Closing Notes

So with all the positives in mind I am going to document anything that I build, I learn and Share things which helped me or I found interesting.

Thankyou For Reading! :smile:

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