Hi there! I'm Shekhar, an engineer at heart specializing in embedded systems, computer vision, and automation. I love to learn new things, experiment with new ideas, and sharing my projects and useful insights with others. This is where I document and share my tech adventures.


  • šŸ”­ Iā€™m currently working at @InochiCare
  • šŸŒ± Iā€™m currently learning more about Embedded systems.
  • šŸ’¬ Brainstorm with me over tech and problem solving to make life easier!
  • šŸ‘Æ Iā€™m looking to collaborate on some combination of code and machine :robot:
  • šŸ’¬ Ask me about Computer vision, Embedded systems or any other random stuff always happy to help :smile:
  • ā¤ļø I love to : Travel, Click Photographs (No i dont have any cliche photography page under my name)
  • šŸ“« Reach out to me: [email protected] or Twitter