Migrating from HUGO to Ghost CMS

In this post, i'm sharing my tool for migrating a Hugo Website to Ghost CMS

Migrating from HUGO to Ghost CMS
Ghost CMS

I started blogging with Hugo, an awesome static site builder, and I used it for around a year. Static site builders take content as markdown files and convert them into HTML pages. They are very fast as they don't require any backend, just put the files on the server and it works.

For hosting I was using Hostinger's basic hosting plan and was quite happy with this approach. The only drawback was the aesthetics of my website. Although there are a lot of Hugo themes available, I was still not satisfied with it and didn't want to make a custom theme for myself as it is not something I enjoy.

Discovering Ghost CMS

I was browsing for blogging options/platforms and then I stumbled upon Ghost which is an amazing CMS dedicated to writers with support for newsletters and I thought of giving it a try.

But, For that, I needed to write all my blogs again in Ghost which is a real pain😞.

Importing Data into Ghost

I browsed for solutions to migrate my Hugo markdown content into Ghost and found a tool that converted all the data into Ghost Import JSON format.

Ghost uses a specific JSON format to import the data. The format and other details are described here. I used this format and created a tool that will create 2 things.

1) A JSON file which has all the data of the blogs.
2) An Images folder which has all the feature images that you need to copy to the contents folder in ghost.

Here is the tool I created, which does all the heavy lifting for you.

GitHub - shekhuverma/Hugo-to-ghost: A tool to migrate hugo website pages into ghost CMS
A tool to migrate hugo website pages into ghost CMS - shekhuverma/Hugo-to-ghost

There are some features that has to be added over time.

Thank You for Reading!
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